Composition %
Organic Matter 35%
Free Amino Acids 5%
Organic Nitrogen 3%
Organic Carbon 18%
Soluble K2O 4%


A perfect source of Amino Acids that are most needed during stress conditions such as high temperature, low moisture or frost.  Encourages growth by increasing cell wall thickness and stability.

  • Promotes plant development in general.
  • Induces flowering, pollen formation and fruit setting by balancing plant hormones.
  • Supports photosynthesis and carbohydrates formation.
  • Quickly absorbed by plants which means fast efficiency.   And can be used as a chelating agent by mixing with other fertilizers to increase its absorption and efficacy.
  • Recommended for drip and root applications.
Dosage Soil Application Foliar Application
Vegetables 1-2 Lt./Da 200-300 ml/100 Lt. water
Fruit Trees 1-2 Lt./Da 300-400 ml/100 Lt. water
Field Crops 1-2 Lt./Da 300-400 ml/100 Lt. water