Formulas Usage Period
8-8-8+TE Multi-purpose, Balanced Nutrition
5-0-25+TE Fruit uprizing and ripening
2-20-15+TE Balancing plant nodes
25-0-0+TE sub-branches and shoot formation
7-25-0+TE Rooting period and before flowering
6-3-9+TE Fruit uprizing and filling


MACROGOLD is a high quality liquid NPK fertilizer with high content of micro elements chelated by EDTA agent.

Produced using our special chelating technology which is a mixture of organic acids complexed with enzymes which makes it more easily absorbed by plants.

Reduces stress effect and ensures that plant is at its maximum activity level.

Balanced pH level which makes it suitable for all irrigation systems and soils.

Crop Dosage
Vegetables 2 Lt./Da
Fruit Trees 3-6 Lt./Da
Field Crops 2-4 Lt./Da

Trace Elements %
B 0.01%
Cu-EDTA 0.004%
Fe-EDTA 0.03%
Mn-EDTA 0.02%
Zn-EDTA 0.04%