Composition %
Boron 11%

Fertilex Boron

FERTILEX BORON is high source of Boron in liquid form that can be absorbed quickly by plants.  Prevents and cures Boron deficiency symptoms.

Recommended for crops that are sensitive to Boron deficiency like Sugar Beet, Potato, Sunflower, Banana, Apple, Olive, Celeriac and some vegetables.

Promotes flowering and pollen formation.  Strengthens cell walls and increases plant tolerance as it supports Calcium uptake. 

Strengthens fruit stems which means less fruit casting.  Strengthens tree branches.

Regulates plant development.

supports Calcium uptake.

Vegetables 150-300 ml/100 Lt. Water
Fruit Trees 150-300 ml/100 Lt. Water
Field Crops 200-300 ml/100 Lt. Water