Composition %
Zn 10%

Fertilex Zincmax

FERTILEX ZINCMAX is a high source of water soluble Zinc in liquid form complexed with Glycine to be more available for plant absorption.

  • Encourages starch formation plants.
  • Promotes flowering and pollen formation in vegetables.
  • Recommended for plants that are sensitive to Zinc deficiency like Citrus, Peach, Corn, Soybean, Cotton, Potato and Onion.
  • Increases the amount of buds, and encourages new shoot formation
  • Decreases early defoliation.
Dosage Soil Application Foliar Application
Vegetables 500-1500 ml/Da 150-200 ml/100 Lt. water
Fruit Trees 500-1500 ml/Da 200-250 ml/100 Lt. water
Field Crops 500-1500 ml/Da 200-250 ml/100 Lt. water