Composition %
Low biurea (N) 3%
P2O5 15%
Mn 4%
Zn 4%

Fertilex Mn-Zn

FERTILEX Mn-Zn is a unique product for greenhouse, open field and fruit crops.  It includes Phosphorus for plant and root development, Zinc for flowering, but and pollen formation, and Manganese for Enzymes and protein activities.  Encourages germination and seed formation.  Promotes cell division.  Helps starch and sugar formation. Extends shelf life.  Decreases early defoliation. Promotes bud and shoot formation.  Gives better color to fruits and vegetables.

Dosage Soil Application Foliar Applicatoin
Vegetables 500-1500 ml/Da 150-200 ml/100 Lt. water
Fruit Trees 500-1500 ml/Da 200-250 ml/100 Lt. water
Field Crops 500-1500 ml/Da 200-250 ml/100 Lt. water