Composition %
Urea (N) 3%
P2O5 30%
Zn 8%


ZINCPHOS is an efficient product used to promote root development and flowering as well.  It also induces pollination and fruit setting due to its high content of Phosphorus and Zinc

ZINCPHOS prevents early defoliation and shoot death, encourages bud formation and development in fruit trees especially Citrus and Peach, increases flowering in Citrus, gives bright color to fruits, encourages growth of Soybean and Pea, increases flowering and grain formation in cereals

Due to its very low pH value (almost 0), ZINCPHOS balances acid ratio and extends the life of irrigation system and prevents lime scale formation in pipes.

Dosage Soil Application Foliar Application
Vegetabels 1-2 Lt./Da 200-300 ml/100 Lt. water
Fruit Trees 1-2 Lt./Da 200-300 ml/100 Lt. water
Field Crops 1-2 Lt./Da 200-300 ml/100 Lt. water