Composition %
CaO 12%
Amin Nitrogen 9%
Boron (B) 0.17%

Unical Plus

High quality source of Calcium and Boron enriched with Amine Nitrogen which is the most effective Nitrogen for plants.  Encourages generative processes in plant by inducing cell division and development even in winter.

  • Increases resistance to diseases.
  • Provides longer shelf life after harvest.
  • Reduces risk of fruit cracking especially in Apple., Pomegranate and Cherry
  • Prevents stem rot in leaf vegetables such as Lettuce, Cabbage and Celery.
  • Supports new shoot and root development
  • Keeps growing points active in Citrus.
  • Helps override of bitter it disease in Apple.
  • Promotes elongation in Tomatoes.
  • Recommended for vegetables in winter.
Dosage Soil Application Fo
All Crops 2-3 Lt./Da 250-300 ml/100 Lt. water