Composition %
Low Biurea (N) 3%
K2O 30%
MgO 2%
Mn 0.5%

C 300

Great source of Potassium for fulfilling plant needs.  Potassium is essential for controlling input and output of water, carbon dioxide and oxygen gases through stomas.

C 300 also helps in increasing photosynthesis process by enhancing Magnesium transport in phloem tissues.

  • Promotes the enzymatic activities necessary for photosynthesis and respiration.
  • Enhances fruit taste, aroma and color.
  • Promotes formation and transport of starch, sugar and oil in plant.
  • Helps in protecting cell inside-pressure.
  • Increases plant resistance against diseases and water loss.
Dosage Soil Application Foliar Application
All Crops 1-2 Lt./Da 200-400 ml/100 Lt. water