Composition %
K2O 35% w/w (equals 50% w/v)

K 50

K 50 is a low pH High content of Potassium from organic based sources.  Supports enzyme activities in plant, minimizes water loss by increasing root development, enhances plant resistance to high temperature climates, increases stoma activities and photosynthesis by decreasing plant respiration.  The overall result is a noticeable positive effect on vegetative and generative development.

Also, K 50 supports sugar and starch formation in crops such as sugar cane, sugar beet, corn, soybean and cereals.

In Wheat, K 50 provides upright posture to steam, increases the stability of cell walls and hence increases the resistance to diseases and pests.

In Apple, K 50 promotes fruit setting, rooting, stem development and shapes fruits in bright color, large size, thinner peal and sweet taste.

Dosage Soil Application Foliar Application
All Crops 1-2 Lt./Da 200-400 ml/100 Lt. water