Composition %
Zn-EDTA 15%

Microfarm Zinc

High quality source of Zinc in EDTA chelated form.  Recommended for crops that are sensitive for Zinc deficiency such as Citrus, Peach, Corn, Soybean, Cotton, Potato and Onion. Promotes flowering and pollen formation in all vegetables.  Encourages starch formation.

  • Easily available to plants due to Real EDTA chelation.
  • Promotes formation of new shoots, and increases amount of buds.
  • Decrease early defoliation.
  • Excellent effect even in high pH and lime soils.
  • Water soluble and anti-caking.
  • Can be mixed with most other fertilizers.
Dosage Soil Application Foliar Application
All Crops 200-400 g/Da 100-150 g/100 Lt. water