Composition %
Organic Matter 15%
Humic+Fulvic Acids 12%
K2O 3%

Humifarm Plus

HUMIFARM PLUS is an organic fertilizer that contains Humic and Fulvic acids extracted from best source of Leonardite (USA origin).  It improves soil organic contents and encourages plant development.  Regulates physical structure of soil and increases water holding and ventilation capacity.  Nutrients are chelated in a way that makes them easier for plant to uptake.

  • Water-soluble.  Suitable for drip irrigation.
  • Encourages overall plant development.
  • Improves soil organic matter and Humic-Fulvic content.
  • Increases micro-organisms in soil.
  • Prevents ionism by breaking the salts and lime.
Dosage Foliar Application
All Crops 1-2 Lt./Da